The YWCA has been supporting the women across Australia since the 1800s.

Throughout its history there have been over 54 separate YWCAs across Australia. In 2017, there are a total of 11 YWCA member associations nationally, each with its own board, Constitution, set of programs and media presence. These 11 associations are members of YWCA Australia which is affiliated to the World YWCA. The World YWCA is the largest women's organisation in the world; engaging with 25 million women and girls each year. World YWCA is present in 125 countries and has been in operation since 1855. 

The future of YWCA in AUSTRALIA

To ensure that YWCAs in Australia can continue to efficiently and effectively deliver for current and future members, the YWCAs around Australia have been exploring options to merge to create a single, national entity. Merging into a single organisation will increase our impact and influence whilst strengthening our voice.

A renewed YWCA will focus on shared impact programs across Australia with advocacy for gender equality, young women's leadership, and women's safety and empowerment.

Working to mentor, empower and engage women and their communities, YWCAs across Australia will continue to act as advocates, campaigners for women’s rights and a powerful voice for equality and equal opportunity.


HOw the national merger project proposal came about

A wide range of experts, consultants and not-for-profit peer organisations have been consulted on the possibilities of a future YWCA Associations, Australia-wide, becoming a single entity to remain current and thrive in a changing market place. The Not-for-Profit sector in Australia is facing increasing competitive pressures and many NFPs are exploring mergers and restructures to ensure they are best placed to meet the needs of those who rely on their services


WHAT is the National Merger Project?

YWCAs across Australia have been working together to become a single united entity, focusing on national scale but retaining a local focus to ensure Australia’s diverse communities of women continue to be well-served.  



To come together as a national organisation, eight YWCAs from around Australia are working towards a merger by Scheme of arrangement, to be completed by mid-2018.